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T. Greg Doucette for Senate President: It’s your voice — it should be your choice!

March 23, 2007 — “Hankins pulled from ballot, Doucette files for Student Senate President”; SG Reform Caucus endorses Doucette

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Technician Endorses Doucette

“Doucette is the obvious choice. He has a clear understanding of how the Senate works, a background in professional lobbying and is more than willing to stand up to and circumvent the administration when needed. His main goal is to reform Student Government, while advocating for traditions on campus such as tailgating and having alcohol in logical areas.” [Read more.]

Technician Online, March 26, 2007

[From the Doucette for Senate President Facebook group]


Many of y’all know how things went down with the last-minute removal of James Hankins from this race Thursday night. Pretty much all of us were supporting James, and I tried my damnedest to keep him on the ballot. We came incredibly close too with the help of a great batch of Senators. But at this University sometimes a clear majority just isn’t enough.

So on Friday, 03/23/07 @ 11:20am (3 days before Election Day), I withdrew from my uncontested spot on the ballot for Student Senate and teamed up with Sara Yasin to file instead for Senate President.

This race isn’t about us. It’s not even about our mutual opponent (although you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing a UNC hat). It’s about making sure students have a choice in this election, instead of having the choice made for them by an Administration fraudulently removing the most popular candidate from the ballot.

Neither Sara nor myself can fully replace James, but with 3 of us on the ballot the students will at least have clear options and a clear choice to make.

I don’t have the resources to blanket the campus with sandwich boards or fancy posters or anything like that. But I do have the single most important resource in this race: you. With your help, we’re going to restore some integrity to the Student Government.

Because it’s your voice—it should be your choice.

With Wolfpack Pride,
T. Greg Doucette